Originally from New York, Lynn has traveled the country living on both coasts, and ultimately settling down in the Midwest. Lynn grew up with a passion for art and creativity. Thankfully she was able to turn this passion into creating her own jewelry, resulting in a successful jewelry and accessory company she owned for the past 13 years. Not being able to sit still…Lynn gave in to her curiosity, took her knowledge and experience from those years and formed a new venture! 3 Souls was born.

From painting, ceramics, 2-D art to jewelry making, Lynn’s education at the University of Minnesota pointed her in the direction she is now – creating original pieces of jewelry using all types of mediums – and selling them to those who appreciate her work. She loves to see and use all sorts of textures in her creations as well as in her home decorating. Constantly redefining her style, Lynn never settles on any one style in particular for too long. It’s her curious nature you know! Lynn is an avid animal lover, and loves being by the water. Thankfully there are plenty of lakes in MN where she resides!

Some examples of Lynn’s work: